What is Energy Work?

Energy work is clearing out emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, and traumas from the past that are getting in the way of our health and happiness.  By identifying and releasing old negative emotions and negative subconscious beliefs, we can positively affect how we feel, think, and act.

Our energy flows like little streams of water. If we put a large stone in the stream, it changes the flow of energy. Negative emotions or subconscious programs are like the stone that changes the flow of our energy. When the energy is low, or the stream is not flowing correctly, we experience problems. If we take the stone out, the energy can flow in its natural course again. When flow is restored, energy resumes in a healthy manner. We are well – physically and mentally.

Our bodies have a magnetic field or energy field that stores beliefs, events and programs from our lives, whether it is from our childhood, traumatic events, or from our DNA. This energy affects our bodies. Illness, pain and disease all begin  from the emotions and programs that we have subconsciously stored in our bodies.

 Sometimes when we have intense feelings, they can become lodged in the body, and the negative emotional energy remains “stuck” there. This trapped emotion can distort the normal energy field of the body and cause physical illness, emotional difficulty, and self-sabotage behaviors. When the body’s energy field is distorted, bones can misalign, organs may become overloaded, glands can short circuit, energy pathways in the body may become blocked, etc. Energetic imbalance creates vulnerability for physical injury, as well as emotional problems. If we have several trapped emotions or other energetic blockages in the lungs, for example, we may be more susceptible to breathing or respiratory problems. This is the body’s way of communicating with us that something is out of balance and that the energy is not flowing properly in our body.

When the beliefs we form about ourselves (because of our experiences) become embedded in the subconscious, they start playing out in patterns in our lives. These patterns manifest as negative scripts such as, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not worthy of…,” “I am a failure,” etc. We might not consciously think about ourselves as failures. But if that program is running in the background (the subconscious), it can become like a magnet, attracting more negativity into our lives.

I like to think of energy work as weeding a garden. You are the garden with unlimited potential for growth, but negative emotions and limiting beliefs are like weeds. I think of myself as a gardener who has the tools to eliminate those weeds at the root. When we remove the underlying imbalance, we make the space for the body to heal itself. You will then have the freedom to grow and flourish. Energy work allows you to step into a more balanced life of health and wellness.