About Loralie

Loralie has been passionate about natural health and healing her entire life. She has a Bachelor’s degree in counseling and also went to massage therapy school. She has been practicing energy healing for several years, but decided to share her gift as an energy healer only after she witnessed so many positive results on her family and friends. Of all the alternative healing modalities, Loralie has found energy work to be the most effective at clearing core issues and paving the way for positive life changes. Loralie loves learning about all aspects of alternative health and well being. She also enjoys doing yoga and spending time in nature with her husband and 3 kids.

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The energy work I’ve done with Loralie has changed the whole direction my life was heading in. When I first came to her, I was completely overwhelmed with the simplest tasks of life. I had immense anxiety and fears, and I deeply struggled with not existing outside of being a mom. I felt like I couldn’t take one more day. Working with Loralie, I’ve been able to peel back the layers of myself and get to the root of so many negative emotions and beliefs I was carrying for years that no longer serve me. She has been so patient and understanding while also offering guidance, tools, and support in ways I had never been able to find anywhere else. My whole perspective about myself and emotions and experiences in general has shifted to be much more simple, positive and hopeful. I feel empowered now and I believe in my capabilities and talents. I’m shedding the weight of a lifetime of insecurity, anger, and resentment. I’ve gained spiritual and emotional intelligence and feel more confident in raising my child. Loralie has been able to help those I care about as well and they are seeing healthy shifts in their own lives too, which has brought so much joy to my soul. We are becoming the happier, healthier people we want to be and need to be to reach our greatest potential. I’m so grateful for the energy work I’ve done with Loralie and recommend it to all—and I do mean ALL—my friends and family. It is a gift that can bring true understanding, health, and peace.

Loralie has helped my family numerous times over the past 5 years by doing energy work. She has given me insight and cleared what has been causing imbalances in my children, husband and myself. It’s been an incredible thing to see the physical effects that emotional blocks have on our bodies.  From hair loss to anxiety to hormonal imbalances to chronic aches and pains,  Loralie’s energy work has either completely eliminated the issues or drastically improved problems that doctors have had no explanation for. I always feel clean and renewed after a session with Loralie. I have a greater sense of motivation to stay connected and in tune with myself so that my mind, body, and spirit can be whole together. Releasing the former negative thoughts and replacing with positive affirmations has been an invaluable tool in helping me feel my worth through some very troubling things. I am forever grateful for the experiences Loralie and I have shared together through our sessions. Her work has had a tremendous positive influence on my life.

After experiencing severe fibromyalgia like symptoms I decided to put my rheumatologist referral on hold for a bit and instead seek help from Loralie Mathews. I had my one hour phone session and was amazed at how much I not only enjoyed it but also trusted Loralie and felt her care and concern for me as a client. Each day after my session I woke up feeling less and less pain. I had tried all sorts of pain relievers, baths and relaxation methods and nothing had helped. I was at the point that I couldn’t pick up my two year old or even raise my arms above my head. The pain was unbearable. To have the pain and symptoms completely gone within five days was nothing short of a miracle for me, not to mention the hugest blessing for me and my family. I have referred Loralie to several people and highly recommend her to anyone. If you are even on the fence, I would say just TRY one session. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I love what she did for me and I will definitely be back to book with her again.

I have been going to Loralie for energy work for over a year. Most of our sessions have been remote. She has done energy work on me and all of my 8 children, ages 3-25. Two of the experiences we’ve had with the most obvious results were: my 10 year old daughter was having regular nose bleeds. Loralie did some energy work on her and she has not had a nosebleed since! Also, my 13 year old daughter had a rash covering a large part of her body for about a month. Nothing medical was working to get rid of it. Loralie did a session for her and within a couple of days the rash was gone! Loralie has a healing gift. She is intuitive and quickly gets to the root of the problem and clears it out painlessly. I highly recommend energy sessions with Loralie for people of all ages.

Loralie did more for me in one phone session than I could’ve achieved on my own in several hours. Though I regularly practice meditation, tapping, energy work, etc. on my own, Loralie was able to guide me to a calm and centered place when my emotional state prevented me from having a clear perspective. She is non-judgmental, gentle, and cheerful in her approach. She zeroes in on the issues quickly. She even called me to follow up and see how I was doing a couple of days later.

I love how intuitive Loralie is and what she says is right on every time. The things that come up in our sessions are just what I’ve been needing to clear. She is so easy to talk to, and I feel zero judgment from her, which is really nice when you’re going through a lot of old garbage. Some of the things that come up can feel a little vulnerable. It’s nice to know she’s not judging me.

Before my first energy session with Loralie, we talked about some of the things I wanted to work on with her.  Sleep was not something I mentioned.  I haven’t slept well in over 10 years and not having it has become part of my norm.  After my first session, later that night, when it was time to go to sleep, I knew I was going to fall asleep quickly, and I did.  Then I stayed asleep until the morning when I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day and it’s challenges.  Every night since our first session, I have fallen asleep quickly and stayed asleep.  Having Loralie help me let go of the negative energy I’ve been holding on to, is one of the best things I have done for myself.

I had a weird ingrown nail thing on my big toe for 20+ years. It would fluctuate between being a minor annoyance to being infected and debilitating. I tried everything short of surgery to manage it, and eventually I just came to terms that I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. After one session of energy work with Loralie, I could freely wiggle my toe with no pain. In a few weeks, minor pain returned and I thought we had only made temporary gains. However, Loralie identified a few more emotional blocks and I’ve never had an issue with it since. I’ve been pain-free for about 4 years!

I had been afraid of the dark since I was little, and always slept with lights on. I was scared someone was going to grab me from underneath the bed and things like that. It had gotten worse as I got older. I couldn’t walk anywhere that was dark without being super scared. Loralie did energy work on my fear of the dark, and later that same night I had to go get the laundry down a dark pathway. I was able to walk there, get it, and walk back with no fear. I didn’t know it could work that fast! From then on, I have just felt better.  I’m not scared of it anymore!

I went through a divorce and was having trouble feeling connected to my new husband. During my energy work phone session, we cleared out a lot of negative emotions from my first marriage, along with energetic cords to my first husband, that were getting in the way of me being properly corded to my new husband. After the session, I felt much more connected and free of the baggage from my past.

I was having a hard time nursing my 4 month old. He would always choke and gag when I tried to nurse. He wanted nothing to do with nursing; he would struggle and push away. I would have to pump my milk, and then bottle feed. After an energy work session on him, he nursed without any issue! Things were so much better after that.