Energy work is an alternative therapy that clears out emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, and traumas from the past that are getting in the way of physical and emotional health.

Animals are very responsive to energy work. They are very intelligent and want to be loved, respected, and acknowledged just like all of us. And just like all of us, they are eager to be free from the burden of past negative experiences and trauma they may have been through. It’s just harder for them to let you know that they need help.

Past traumas and excessive stress can contribute to them not acting like themselves and can show up as behavior problems. Sometimes we may not realize that events were stressful or traumatic for our pets, thinking it a seemingly little thing. Energy work can help your animal process out these kinds of blocks.

If your pet has been through experiences where they felt scared, threatened, or insecure, those feelings may still be “stuck” inside them contributing to behavior problems or anxiety. If your pet has a physical ailment that seems odd or can’t quite be explained by veterinarian science, it could be a physical manifestation of their emotional issues.

Energy healing is effective for the reduction or elimination of all types of physical and emotional animal issues: pain, abuse, allergies, behavior problems, training problems, and relationship problems. For example, often times a pet will need to be cleared of negative emotions before they can fully bond with a new owner. I’ve also noticed that after removing emotional blocks, traditional animal training techniques can work more effectively.

I have done energy work sessions on all types of animals both wild and domesticated. Mostly I work with horses, cats, and dogs. I have had great success with helping your furry friends heal.

If you would like to try an energy healing session for your pet, contact me to set up an appointment. Appointments happen over the phone or through Facetime, Skype, or Google Duo. It is helpful if the animal is there with you, but they don’t have to be, as I can work on their energy through the owner. I prefer that you send me a picture of your pet before the session takes place. At the beginning of the session, be ready to tell me what behavior problems your pet is currently experiencing, as well as what they’ve been through in the past. Together, we will help them reclaim their healthy “grrrr,” “meow,” or “neigh.”